Information Collection:

  1. We automatically track certain details like IP addresses and email addresses while you use our site, a common practice among advanced websites. Your IP address may be linked to personally identifiable information [1].
  2. A cookie, storing user-related data, is utilized, specifically session ID cookies that expire upon browser closure.

Information Disclosure:

  1. We strictly refrain from selling or renting your personally identifiable information to any third party without your explicit consent.
  2. We collaborate with law enforcement and third parties to uphold intellectual property rights. We may disclose your information as mandated by law or to safeguard our rights and comply with legal processes.

Password Control:

  1. Never share your password with third parties. Losing control over it can jeopardize your data security, prompting immediate password modification.

Managing Personal Information:

  1. Regularly update your information through your account settings and consider changing your password periodically to mitigate unauthorized access risks.

Third-party Information Handling:

  1. Our policy governs information we collect, not third-party disclosures. Different rules may apply if you share your data elsewhere. We recommend questioning third parties before sharing personal information.
  2. We don’t engage third-party advertising agencies to serve ads on our behalf.